Shine a Light with Risk Management

Don’t let risky commercial lending practices sneak up on you. PayNet brings clarity to your credit decisions and portfolio management.

Reduce Risk Both Before and After Approval

The best offense is a good defense when it comes to optimizing your lending portfolio. You can’t expect the best unless you prepare for the worst—by tackling risk at every stage of the credit cycle.

Because PayNet collects more data than any single commercial lender could ever hope to, we offer:

  • Greater economies of scale for risk analysis.

  • A suite of credit history and scoring tools.

  • Methodology to assess probability of default tools.

  • Expert advisory to optimize risk management practices.

Internal Resources Allocation

Segmentation by risk profile allows you to focus your time and energy.

Early Warning System

Anticipate and address credit “hot spots” before they happen.

Automated Decisions

Streamline and speed up origination and account review processes.

Complete Integration

PayNet’s data complements lenders’ business rules and data ecosystems.

Anticipate Risk, Optimize Returns

Getting better visibility into lending markets—your own or others’—is a prerequisite for smarter lending decisions.

  • Market Condition Analysis
    PayNet gives you the 10,000 foot view, as well as the ability to deep dive into a single market sector, geographic location, or borrower’s track record.

  • Predictive Credit Checks
    How accurate is your decision engine? PayNet boosts predictiveness with data-driven credit history reports and credit scoring, as well as business entity and legal profiles.

  • Prioritized Portfolio Management
    Knowing where and when to look for trouble spots provides an early warning system. Get out in front of lending risk by proactively segmenting your accounts by risk profile.

A Smarter Collections Strategy

Making smarter lending decisions upfront reduces the likelihood of going into collection. But when it’s necessary, PayNet also offers tools to enhance the productivity of those efforts.

View collections solutions.

Unlock the Advantages

Effective risk management carries tangible benefits, such as risk-based pricing and greater loan volume within your accepted tolerance levels.