PayNet MasterScore®

PayNet MasterScore® allows lenders to automate and improve their credit decisions while providing predictive abilities that are superior to trade credit data. It’s an ideal solution for lenders servicing multiple industries.


  • Overall ROC of 0.742 and overall K-S of 35, over a random credit score
  • Accurately ranks potential borrowers to approve more good deals and reject more bad deals

About PayNet MasterScore

PayNet MaterScore's powerful ability to predict borrowers’ risk leads to improved decisioning power and increased profitability.

PayNet MasterScore is developed from the largest pool of term debt leases and loans ever compiled to predict 90+ days past due (DPD) on a 3-digit scale. It focuses on the many factors in a borrower’s profile that are most predictive of repayment and offers the most comprehensive solution to managing risk.

The PayNet MasterScore contains a total of 149 variables and 50 unique variables. These variables are filtered through 9 separate score cards – Transportation, Construction, Agriculture, Healthcare, and Retailer industries, as well as small and large ticket transactions – each built to consider repayment determinants unique to specific industries. 

To learn more how the PayNet MasterScore can improve your decision making, contact us today.