PayNet Canadian Business Delinquency Index (CBDI)

The PayNet Canadian Small Business Delinquency Index (CSBDI)  is designed to gauge small business financial stress and default risk, providing early warning signals of future insolvency across multiple sectors of the economy. 


  • Strong indicator of financial stress and economic conditions
  • Reasonable indicator of economic activity
  • Concurrently tied to financial and economic trends

About CBDI

The PayNet Canadian Business Delinquency Index provides insight to financial services executives, economists, policy makers and regulators in order to understand the stage of the business cycle and to set credit oversight policies.

The index captures the percentage of small business loans that are 31-180 days past due or 91-180 days past due on a national level, by major province or region, and by major industry. Calculations are derived from the most recent loan performance for a large sample of commercial and industrial lenders in PayNet’s Canadian database, including both loans and leases for which data is available. 

The index is calculated and published monthly as follows:

  • PRELIMINARY —current month data reflecting most recent small business delinquency performance released
  • REVISED — data for the month preceding Preliminary release
  • FINAL — data for the month preceding Revised release

The PayNet CSBDI is further segmented into 9 distinct industry segments and 7 distinct regional segments. 

To track the PayNet CBDI on an ongoing basis, we encourage you to regularly visit the PayNet Risk Insight Suite®.