Stronger Portfolio Management is Within Reach

PayNet helps you understand risk and allocate resources with speed and precision.

A High-Touch Process

In many financial institutions, portfolio management is a time-intensive and resource-consuming activity that is neither efficient—nor always accurate. PayNet turns a reactive and cumbersome process into a predictive model of efficiency.

You’ve also got on-the-ground relationships to nurture, and we’re here to help you do just that. When you make more informed portfolio decisions, the better your reputation and the healthier your bottom line.

Reduced Cost
and Labor

Cut down on analyst time and costs with automated workflows.


Prioritize the highest risk and highest opportunity accounts.


Compare verifiable to forecasted default rates for continuous improvement.


Anticipate market trends and prepare your institution for the future.


Incorporate big picture credit trends into individual borrower analysis.

Look Around Corners

Being able to clearly see trouble ahead enables you to make smart choices about whom you lend to and how you lend to them. PayNet’s Absolute Probability of DefaultTM (Absolute PDTM) gives you full visibility with an online platform for multi-dimensional risk analysis. You can:

  • Leverage artificial intelligence (AI), data, and analytics to expose risk.

  • Rate each borrower without the time and expense of individual credit reviews.

  • Incorporate forward-looking credit risk ratings into your review process.

  • Access more accurate Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses (ALLL) estimations.

  • Easily generate reports across multiple parameters and business segments.

Portfolio management solutions from PayNet take care of the complex process of assessing industries, the economy, and the borrower to arrive at credible, reliable risk ratings. Productivity and profitability go up, risk goes down.

Business Intelligence for Data-Driven Decisions

Managing your commercial lending portfolio for more profitability requires both granular metrics regarding individual borrowers and an understanding of the environmental economic conditions that may impact their ability to meet terms. PayNet’s business intelligence is the secret weapon that gives you the insights you need.

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