Exclusive and Secure Data

PayNet’s proprietary database is the richest collection of small business loans, leases, and lines of credit in existence. We collect real-time information from more than 300 leading North American lenders and update the data on a weekly basis.

The Most Powerful Small Business Lending Database Available

Number of contracts

Over 1 million

Aggregate financial obligations

Over $97 billion*

Average # of months of history per lender


Average transaction size per contract


Average term per contract

4.1 years

Average monthly payment per contract


*as of July 2018

PayNet Solutions are Accessible to our Members
PayNet has created a closed “give-to-get network,” meaning all members are required to provide lending information about their customers in order to share access to the network and receive commercial credit and risk management solutions. However, no member lender supplying the data will be identified to other members.

Committed to Data Security
PayNet adheres to the Prudent Man Rule: we preserve the confidentiality of our customers' information as we would treat our own information. PayNet is committed to maintain and regularly evaluate our high level of information security for the protection of our customers. Specific information regarding PayNet's security and control environment is available upon request.

Patented Data Management and Verification Process Ensures Quality
PayNet’s Data Integration Team operates using a patented method to gather and process incoming data and provide services. All incoming data goes through our Quality Assurance Process, filtering data at multiple processing points and flagging suspect data for further analysis.

How Members Access Data
PayNet’s data and products are delivered via:

  • PayNet On-Line®, a web-based access system
  • PayNet Direct®, our web access system that integrates seamlessly with your application processing system.

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