PayNet’s Market Intelligence and Advisory Services Solve Your SME Lending Challenges

PayNet is a data and analytics company providing SME lenders with accurate, exclusive credit insights derived from our growing proprietary database. These insights allow lenders to make better decisions that grow profits, reduce losses, streamline operations, and allow for scalability.

PayNet is the leading provider of credit ratings on small businesses. We maintain the largest proprietary database of small business loans, leases, and lines of credit in North America.

Using state-of-the-art analytics, PayNet converts this raw data into real-time market intelligence and predictive information that our member lenders use to make better-informed small business lending decisions and improve their business strategy. As a result, our members:

  • Streamline lending operations
  • Increase a portfolio’s profitability
  • Get in front of customers before default
  • Know next year’s default rate today
  • Scalability of operations

Insights Allow Lenders to Achieve Optimal Risk Management

Quantified knowledge gives financial institutions a substantially greater ability to gauge a situation, establish strategies and direct a more efficient operational plan. PayNet's small business capabilities range from historic credit-reporting and automated credit-scoring to portfolio management and forward-looking credit risk assessment that include:

  • Critical industry trend analysis
  • Streamlined originations process
  • Portfolio risk measurement
  • Default forecasting (not just reporting)
  • Comparisons of a business to its peers within the industry
  • Assessing quality of portfolios for purchase or sale

Solutions for Every Function of the Lending Process

PayNet offers a wide variety of tools and services designed to positively impact every function of the lending process -- from Business Planning to Collections & Workouts.


To learn more how PayNet’s small business insights can positively impact your bottom line, please contact us today.