Elevate your loan volume
without hiking up risk

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Rise to the Opportunity

Commercial credit fuels small business, which in turn fuels the economy. You've got a big part to play in the equation. It all starts with taking control of your decisioning practices to lend confidently while growing your business.

Make better decisions, faster

Build a more profitable portfolio

Firing on All Cylinders

There’s a million moving parts to keep track of when it comes to commercial credit origination and oversight. But there often aren’t enough people or resources to stay on top of everything, much less in the timeframe your customers demand.

That’s where PayNet comes in. We embed automation, efficiency, and precision into every step of the lending process. From origination to collection, you’ll become more productive and profitable with:

  • Streamlined review and renewal processes

  • Intelligent workflows based on automated analysis

  • Rapid turnaround on underwriting decisions

  • Resource allocation based on actual risk

What’s the secret to better lending practices? Better answers from PayNet.

Our database offers substantially more robust and relevant insights about credit performance than historical annual accounts. And we get you up and running right away, with a systematic approach honed on decades serving the commercial finance industry.

Master the Science of Risk Management

PayNet gives you the tools to capitalize on demand for private company credit and reduce risk in financing at the same time. Our database is the workhorse behind a sound credit risk management strategy, put to good use across multiple applications:

  • Validate and enhance your existing expected loss models

  • Derive probability of default, exposure risks, and annual default values

  • Avoid risk concentration to contain potential losses

  • Set up an early warning system to prioritize collections and workout efforts

Commercial finance firms view us as an integral and irreplaceable component of their lending ecosystem. Unlike transactional credit score providers, we deliver insights that go above and beyond straight-up scoring and one-size- fits-all reporting.

Here’s the added bonus: most clients benefit from 20-30% fewer defaults and increased predictive accuracy of 35-40% with PayNet.

Expand your reputation and reach

Get closer to your customers. PayNet's data take the pulse of U.S. and Canadian Small Business economies and is a primary source of small business credit ratings, economic indicators of financial health and GDP performance between 2-5 months.

When you offer customers a streamlined, straightforward credit approval process, you build loyalty. In turn, you build a bigger and stronger book of business. PayNet provides the expertise to support a “frictionless” experience that also recognizes your profitability targets.

The benefits are crystal clear:

More applications

Better pricing

More wins

Fewer touchpoints

Lower risk

It’s a credit risk management model that recognizes the real stories and local economic impact of each borrower. It’s also one that helps you keep up with the digital lending revolution and boost your agility to compete against banks, credit unions, and alternative finance lenders.

Efficiency. Compliance. Growth.
You can have it all with PayNet.