Efficient Collections Solutions

Avoid the "too little, too late" approach to risky loans, by taking more informed action earlier.

A Proactive Collections Approach

Can external data substantially improve your early warning system and prioritize collection and workout efforts? Absolutely, and PayNet can show you how.

PayNet credit assessments fit right into your lending ecosystem. You retain control over your risk appetite by implementing your own decision logic and criteria. PayNet’s got your back with credible, reliable data.

Early Warning

Get out in front of lending risk by proactively segmenting your accounts by risk profile.


Direct your time and energy towards accounts that demand more attention and touch points.

Credit Review
Express (CRX)

Streamline the credit review process and customize workflows based on risk.


Perform retro and swap set analyses to compare forecasted to actual default rates.


Get out in front of collections by assessing your systems’ capability to rank order risk.


Complement your collections efforts with accurate default analysis and tracking.

A Structured Decisioning Framework

Guide your loss mitigation efforts to take action earlier in the default cycle, leading to lower losses. It’s not unusual for the automated system to be more accurate and consistent in predicting default risk than subjective human assessments.

PayNet's data and analytics on specific borrowers will alert you when they begin to deteriorate and help you quantify the impact of those changes on your portfolio’s risk outlook. Our solutions help you identify borrowers who may not be paying you while they are paying other lenders.

Tackle Risk Earlier

Loss mitigation begins earlier in the credit cycle. With a fully realized, start-to-finish risk management strategy, you’ll be better positioned to spot troubled accounts before they’re past the point of no return.

View risk management solutions.

Take Control of Collections

If your collections efforts are haphazard or less than effective, things will only get worse until you take action. PayNet experts have a proven record of setting you up for more efficient and effective collections.