Commercial Credit

A global energy provider streamlined its lengthy credit review process, transforming it into a near real-time, fully risk-managed decision engine.

The Brief

In the highly competitive market to secure private business energy contracts, speed, service, and customer experience make all the difference. Our client, a global energy provider, sought to completely revamp its credit approval process. Over time it had become cumbersome and labor-intensive, making timely and risk-appropriate approvals a huge challenge.

Fortunately, we had just the ticket: BusinessConnect, cloud-based workflow automation technology that operates right within Salesforce. In no time, our client dramatically increased its usability quotient and optimized its credit decisioning workflows to produce real-time results.

Time-Consuming Credit Adjudication Drags Down Efficiency

When evaluating the credit worthiness of prospective customers, it’s critical to strike the proper balance between extending reasonable terms and protecting yourself against defaults. Our client had a multi-step process to evaluate risk and approve terms. Their credit model
started by evaluating the size and sector of the target client, which kicked off multiple potential decision tracks, each with its own prescribed steps and data sources.

With the clock ticking, incremental data pulls from external sources—including D&B, Experian, Equifax, and others—slowed things down. By the time multiple variables were added, scores appended, and potential risks evaluated, the chance of losing that customer to another provider had escalated.

A Mindful Approach to Meeting in the Middle

BusinessConnect is the foundation of our technology-driven solution. It’s built on the platform, so our client’s sales team never has to leave the system to run a credit check. We worked closely with the client to determine the path forward, consulting on decisions to automate existing processes or reengineer workflows as appropriate.

In the end, we used pre-determined customer logic that incorporates third-party data requests, commercial risk scores, and lien information. We exceeded expectations with a system that is:

  • Configured and customized off the standard platform to meet exact specifications
  • Able to immediately and seamlessly integrate data from third-party providers
  • Integrated into the sales process for rapid-fire evaluation of a prospect’s risk
  • Designed to give real-time go/no go/escalate decisions on credit approvals and terms


We also advised our client on best practices and market-specific influences related to developing a flexible and validated credit scoring model.

Say Goodbye to Outdated, Over-Complicated Credit Processes

With BusinessConnect, slow manual credit reviews are a thing of the past. What once took this client many days is accomplished within minutes, giving both the credit and sales teams the confidence to move forward with offers of appropriate terms. Faster turnarounds create more closes, as well as less wasted time on high-risk applicants.

Product Spotlight

BusinessConnect, built on the platform, helps simplify, streamline and accelerate credit management processes by automating routine manual tasks and decisions, and centralizing many operations under one interactive, cloud-based platform.

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