Case Study: Taking Control of Customer Data

Commercial Credit

Global logistics and shipping client shortens revenue reconciliation from weeks to mere hours with validated business entity data.

The Brief

What do you get when you cross 32 different product-based revenue systems with 20,000+ daily transactions? For our global logistics and shipping client, a big headache — especially each time quarterly reporting came around. With Universal Customer View the firm streamlined and consolidated disparate source data into one system of record. With our business entity validation solution, they now have accurate data at their fingertips plus the ability to analyze revenue trends on demand.

A Slow, Painful Process

Each quarter, our client struggled to compile and report enterprise revenue data in a timely manner. That’s because the data was spread out across more than 30 siloed systems, each one representing a different product line. Challenges were systemic:

  • It took six weeks to untangle hierarchies and research discrepancies.
  • Each client database had its own quirky format and naming convention.
  • Resources got pulled off their “real” jobs, creating ongoing backlogs.
  • Financial leaders had low confidence in the accuracy and validity of the data.

As an existing customer, the organization recognized the breadth and depth of our resources and sought out a collaborative solution.

Real-Time, 360° Customer Data

How did we deliver the goods? By maintaining exhaustive records on business entities across the U.S., with detailed and validated data points on everything from delivery address to divisional structure. No matter whether a point-of-sale system captures “IBM” or “International Business Machine” or even “IMB,” we know the full story.

With Universal Customer View, this data feeds into this client’s customer data mart. They receive:

  • Access to multiple industry-leading business entity databases.
  • A robust interface for their team to slice and dice validated data at will.
  • An automatic, real-time, and incredibly powerful synchronization process.

Non-matches do pop up on occasion. The solution also includes data remediation managed services. On a revenue-prioritized basis, data discrepancies are escalated to a support team for closer review.

Informed Decisions at the Speed of Business

Our client couldn’t be happier with our partnership — and with its boost in productivity. Executives can now get immediate answers to questions as simple as, “How much business are we getting from X client?” Dozens of divergent extracted spreadsheets have given way to one, online “source of truth.” A process that took up to six weeks now closes in less than a day. Using Universal Customer View has delivered a streamlined approach to improved decision making.

Product Spotlight

As an advanced identifier management solution, Universal Customer View unifies and harmonizes data across the organization and integrates records through a unique identifier applied
in real-time.

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