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Say Hello to a Faster “Time to Yes”

With PayNet, you won’t just get a faster “time to yes” and “time to cash” on your commercial lending decisions. You’ll also get a higher “quality of yes.” That’s important, because your customers need capital to fuel their ambitions, and they need it yesterday.

Jump start your C&I growth strategy

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Are you Ready for the Digital Lending Revolution?

The race is on to figure out fast, safe, and low-cost lending to small- and medium-sized businesses. PayNet’s right in the thick of things, accelerating your journey towards the ultimate goal of one-click commercial credit.

We provide relevant, on-demand private company credit assessments that boost your results—and your reputation. When you leverage PayNet’s data, you get powerful advantages:


  • Average margin increases of 50%

  • Cash distributions up to 80% sooner

  • Win rates boosted by 15-30% on average

  • Fewer defaults, often around 20-30%

  • Increased predictive accuracy of 35-40%

The higher the level of automation, the less touch time dragging down your loan origination and portfolio management processes. PayNet infuses data-driven decisions throughout your lending cycle, enhancing the accuracy and value of your relationship managers.

Validating the Customer Journey

Let’s face it, many banking institutions struggle with a cumbersome credit process. Manila folders, manual processes, rogue spreadsheets, missing customer data, unwieldy approval paths… do any of these common roadblocks sound familiar?

Unfortunately, your customers are the ones who suffer (along with your reputation). If it takes more than a month to approve a loan or line of credit, the ripple effects are clear:

  • Main Street companies’ business plans stall

  • The relationship takes a hit and you lose credibility

  • Customers walk away in search of a faster answer

That’s why so many banks are taking a closer look at the end-to-end journey along the commercial credit lifecycle. PayNet plugs into any workflow software you choose to support a “frictionless” experience that also recognizes your profitability targets.

Cracking the Code to Efficient Risk Management

Right-sizing your lending processes based on individual borrower outlooks makes you more productive and more profitable. Stronger criteria, more accurate credit scoring, and fewer defaults. What’s not to love?

Greater process efficiency starts with our proprietary data. We live and breathe credible and reliable ratings. Here’s how it works:

DEPLOY technology to assist in preparing applications and collecting data

RUN credit analyses using PayNet’s data, credit assessments and indices

SEGMENT applications by request size and risk management profile

FOCUS your staff’s time and attention on higher risk exposure loans

Quick access to credit data, combined with years of lending experience, frees up your staff's time to focus where it really matters: on high potential opportunities and high-risk decisions.

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You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create a powerful C&I strategy with PayNet.