The Emergence of Alternative Lending
Tools & Strategies

A crop of alternative financing lenders has broken into traditional markets to support private company borrowing. PayNet's paying attention.

The Pursuit of One-Click Credit

No one has quite figured out fast, safe, and low-cost lending to small- and medium-sized businesses. But billions are being invested by big banks and big tech to solve this problem, driven by a vision of big profits.

In the meantime, online and alternative finance lenders are streamlining and automating the credit approval process—and capturing market share. PayNet serves this demographic as well, with solutions and insights that transform commercial lending into a turnkey, user-friendly experience.

Data Modeling

PayNet offers a better source of real-time data for predictive underwriting.

Customer Experience

Build trust with small businesses with fast and transparent decisioning.

Market Share

Capitalize on business loan demand without an untenable marketing investment.

Regulatory Standards

Become better equipped to monitor and maintain full compliance.

The Forefront of Digital Lending

Alternative and online commercial lenders typically offer more user-friendly interfaces and faster decisions than traditional commercial lenders. That’s appealing to business consumers and the underserved small business market, who find a lengthy underwriting process burdensome.

PayNet gives alternative lenders a boost with data that’s unavailable anywhere else. Our solutions give them an edge by:

  • Reducing documentation requirements for applicants.

  • Building credit models that capture real-time, relevant data.

  • Increasing their ability to assess risk on "thin file" customers

  • Pricing loans based on risk profiles.

Poised for Growth

As digital lending advances and alternative lending tools become more accepted, the market will follow. More than a transactional vendor, PayNet seeks to be a transformational partner during a period of exceptional growth.

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The Alternative to Transactional Vendors

PayNet's alternative lending solutions are completely customizable, not "take it or leave it." We’re ready to collaborate to meet your customer demands.